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"The tenth attempt to get married" or naked truth about
how and why ITSNOWORNEVER came to life.
Evgenia Berestneva
Creator & Writer at ITSNOWORNEVER
To tell the truth, i never liked writing. More precisely, i hated it. My literature teacher was giving me excellent marks for compositions and sending me to take part in school competitions for best students, meanwhile it drove me up a wall every time i had to write another analysis of a book character.
Before my trip to Latin America i was forcing myself to write a diary, just to develop a habit to express my reflections on the paper. I thought, that this kind of travels don't happen everyday, so i wanted to record everything in order to keep memories: for myself, for friends, for grandkids.

For the first time i started to write the blog ITSNOWORNEVER in February 2015, but it appeared to be really challenging to keep it up to date on the way, mainly because of slow internet connection and plenty of photos. And when i started my bicycle trip, this task literally became impossible, because we were simply camping all the time in the wild.
On the road during the bicycle trip, Argentina, 2015.
But, the good news was that i started to write every day. Without thinking much and about everything that was happening to me, while i was pedaling forward. I started to share it on Facebook and was really surprised, that, after awhile, people whom i barely knew, started to follow my journey, waiting for new stories, and even asking to put it all in a book. But, with time i started to spend more time at the same places, moving less, which also cut on my need to write.

I tried everything to find a way to save memories from my adventures. I started a YouTube channel, even two - alone, with a friend, alone again. But I wanted a high quality content and wasn't ready to devote the time needed. I just prefered to spend this time with real people than in front of my laptop.

I launched a "Project29", in which i tried to make a picture a day with a small story in order to remember every single day from the last year in my 3rd decade of age. But, i didn't last long either.
That is why, it's my "tenth attempt to get married", as we say in Russia. On the new platform, and in a little bit different format. In the end, during all these years on the road, i gathered some stories and thoughts, which i really would like to share. What if it can change the way we see the world? What if it can inspire someone to challenge his lifestyle and learn something new? What if it can ignite new topics for conversations and self-reflections? And this is the first time i will be trying to duplicate the content in Russian, which is not an easy task for me anymore!
Expect to see:

> Useful tips for those, who want to travel the world
> Stories about people, who inspire me and make the world better
> Thoughts about freedom, love, happiness and self-development
> Tales about adventures, mine and not only
> My attempts to maintain a healthy and sustainable way of living
> And a little bit of art and handmade things i do

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